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Faithimony ( Job Promotion)

Dear Pastor Ed and Lady J 

I wanted to just let you both know that your lives are truly making a difference in your partner's lives. We see it first hand by our leaders: You!. Such a wonderful thing to want to rush into the house of God to see what he has for us next. While learning so many things in life about the Word in my early years I've been amazed at how much incorrect teaching I've received. However, I just wanted to share out of so many wonderful things that have happened to me (and my family)this 1 thing that has branched into so many Blessings stands out at this time. A while back we were told to put on our Favor suits wherever we go. So I practiced what Pastor spoke. I went to the unemployment office after being laid off of a 2nd job. My 1st job I was laid off after being there 23 years and God showed me that the job was not my source.  Then I found a job in which I had favor but was laid off when they shut down here in Florida.  Now I was a pro at layoffs?. But when this word came forth I put on my Favor suit and went to the unemployment office for an interview. Long story short when I went in the office, they asked me if I was the employer. Right then I saw the Favor suit working ( I was like man this is quick). So I went for the interview it all happened so quick I knew I had the job but they didn't even take my resume. Well, I was hired. Started work in August. Also forgot to mention that the pay was low and it was part-time but I went for it anyway. But I knew this was all God ordained because me myself would have looked for something that paid more. Anyway, I started with this company in August as a check-in agent. And while working there I was placed in several positions because they felt I was very good with people. I then saw there was another department with this company that I was not aware of. So I spoke with the manager of this department and found that he had already heard about me and was seeking me out. Well in June I
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